SatScape 2.0

SatScape 2.02 is a program to track the satellites positions
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SatScape 2.02 is a program to track the satellites positions.
This program can be used to find out the position of any of the 8000+ satellites and orbital debris in orbit around the earth. You will need only your PC and an Internet connection to track those objects right on your screen.

The downloaded zip file contains another zip with DJTSATLIB.DLL. In order to fix a format change in the keplerian elements (a component needed by the program), you must copy that file to your \Windows\System32\ folder overwriting the DLL file you already have in there.

You can access every feature of the program from the Satscape Launch Pad.

Under the Settings option you will be able to fine tune every aspect of the program.

You can view the satellite you want to watch in 2D or 3D views.

In the 3D mode you can see the satellites orbits, relative to the earth or the moon. You can view every satellite, or only your preferred ones.

In the 2D mode you will see a map with the information of the passing satellites.

You will also be able to see an Horizon view. You can set the program to announce you through the speakers the position of your desired satellites.

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